This prolific Liverpool clockmaker is our current project.  At present we are collecting information.

He was born in Sheffield on 24th March 1790. We have found no record of his apprenticeship, probably because he learned his trade from his clockmaker father, Martin.

He married Mary Earnshaw at Holy Trinity in St Anne Street, Liverpool on 12 October 1815 and lived in the city until his death on 14 December 1861, age 71.

He made large turret clocks for churches in the Liverpool area, longcase, wall and dial clocks, regulators and an amazing series of skeleton clocks. We have also seen a pocket watch with his signature on the movement.

We would love to hear from anyone who has information about any of his clocks, whatever type they are. All assistance will be credited, but we will also be aware of your need for security. Click our email address on the right to send a message.

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