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The Turret Clocks of T. Cooke & Sons of York – a historical perspective 1807 – 1897                      by Steve and Darlah Thomas

£75.00 plus £11.00 delivery to a UK mainland address. (For delivery to an address overseas, please email us on for cost.) This is a heavy book weighing 3.5kg.


  • Hardback cover with dust jacket.
  • Total of 592 pages approx. 305mm x 224mm.
  • Over 2,000 illustrations, mostly in colour.
  • History of Thomas Cooke and his family business including all the types of clock they made, plus their world renowned telescopes, astronomical, surveying and scientific instruments.
  • Details of all the turret clocks found, usually with three pages of illustrations of each one.
  • Turret clocks made by brother Barnard Cooke in Hull.
  • An analysis of frame styles; clocks made for the GPO and for ‘the trade’; lost clocks; pages from a Cooke Order Book, and much more. 

Joyce of Whitchurch Clockmakers 1690 – 1965   by Steve and Darlah Thomas 

£48.00 plus delivery to a UK mainland address £6.50.   (For delivery to an address overseas, please email us on for cost.)     This book weighs over 2kg.

Cover finished for website

  • Hardback book   670 pages  Over 1,500 illustrations, mostly in colour.
  • History of the Joyce family of clockmakers based at Wrexham, Cockshutt and Whitchurch, including some examples of non-turret clocks they made.
  • A chronology of turret clocks tracing the development in turret clock design.
  • A year in the life of the company – 1957 from the company Day Book.
  • And much more. 


The Gloverstone Clockmakers of Chester    by Steve and Darlah Thomas

Gloverstone Clockmakers of Chester

£20.00  Includes postage to a UK mainland address.        (For delivery to an address overseas, please email us on for cost.)

  • A5 softback book   180 pages   200 illustrations mostly in colour.
  • The history of Gloverstone, a unique enclave within the boundaries of Chester but outside the city’s jurisdiction.
  • Histories of Gloverstone’s most notable clockmakers.
  • 49 Gloverstone-made clocks illustrated and described.


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